Corporate Philosophy



An honest and Clean Company

Ja Kyung Chemical will bring about an abundant future that is sought by humans.

Ja Kyung Chemical, a papermaking and precision chemicals manufacturer, has contributed to the growth and history of Korea’s papermaking industry since its foundation in 1989 and developed Korea’s first antifouling agent.

Under the vision of “UCOMPIA (Utopia+Company; a happy company and happy employees)” and the slogan of “Clean company,” all of the employees of Ja Kyung Chemical are committed to producing innovation and overcoming challenges to enhance customer satisfaction.

Ja Kyung Chemical designated 2013 as the year of revitalization in order to turn a crisis into an opportunity by leveraging its accumulated knowledge and technological expertise. In this way, the company has continued with its research efforts and innovation and branched out into various areas including electronic materials, drug product intermediates, and bio technology, and now it is enjoying remarkable results and success.
Ja Kyung Chemical is always trying to develop new products that lead the market and provide customers with high quality technical services.
In particular, Ja Kyung Chemical is speeding up its march toward the development of new applications and new products that will lead the market based on its own distinctive synthesis technology and outstanding research and development skills.



(Contribution to human society: coexistence based on co-prosperity)
Happy company & happy employees


Healthy Corporate Culture

  • Result-oriented organizational culture
  • Exciting work environment

Soft Competitiveness

  • Improving work process
  • Strengthening individual competitiveness

Market Leadership

  • Securing steady sales of existing papermaking business
  • Expanding business area

Improved Profitability

  • Securing cost competitiveness
  • Reducing costs


  • Creative :
    Talent management
  • #Nurturing talents and turning them into leading experts

  • Confidence : Trustworthy management
  • # Building up internal and external relationships based on trust
  • Efficiency : Responsible management
  • #Securing sustainable basis for profits

  • Growth :
    future management
  • #Expanding effective business structure