Papermaking Chemicals


Antifouling Composition

Papermaking Chemicals

Antifouling Composition

A product preventing various pollutants and scales from forming in tools and pipes due to water, lengthening the durability of tools and retarding product deterioration

Category Product Name Specification
pH Gravity Viscosity cps
Wire coating agent NIOPOL-AD 2.5±0.5 1.00±0.1 < 50
Agent for preventing Wire pollution NIOPOL-SPW 2.5±0.5 1.00±0.1 < 10
Agent for preventing Felt pollution NIOPOL-FD4C < 2.0 1.10±0.1 < 10
Scale preventer NIOPOL-MIC < 2.0 1.10±0.1 < 10
NIOPOL-MPC 4.5±1.5 1.15±0.1 < 3000
Pitch-dispensing agent NIOPOL-SPD 2.5±1.5 1.02±0.1 500
Pitch-fixing agent NIOPOL-FA 5.5±1.0 1.14±0.1 800~1800
Disinfectant NIOPOL-DBDB 3.0±1.5 1.20±0.1 < 100
NIOPOL-CAM 7.0±1.0 1.10±0.1 < 50

NIOPOL-AD (wire coating agent)

  • Improves de-waterability through preventing wire plugging • Improves formation and quality
  • Improves productivity by reducing the number of paper cutting and washing processes • Increases the rate of using old paper by solving the pitch problem
  • Unlike existing chemicals, NIOPOL-AD doesn’t cause re-coagulation of pitch following white water circulation.
  • Increases effects of other chemicals through removing anionic trash

NIOPOL-SPW (agent for preventing wire pollution)

  • Dispersion – Remarkable ability to disperse pollutants – organic and inorganic pollutants–existing within original paper and papermaking processes, especially various size agents and additives for neutral paper-making
  • Cleaning – Excellent effects for cleaning chests while washing and fixing tools

NIOPOL-FD4C (agent for preventing felt pollution)

  • Prevents pollution of paper-making tools – Forms water-soluble complexes stable with hardness components and other metal ions to restrain scale formation and prevent pollution of paper-making tools
  • Restrains crystal growth – Displays a remarkable ability to remove pollution caused by scales with the threshold effect of restraining growth of pollutant crystals

NIOPOL-MIC(scale preventer – organic acid)

  • Prevents scales– Restrains scale formation by forming water-soluble complexes stable with hardness components and other metal ions
  • Restrains crystal growth – Can produce large effects by injecting small quantities due to its threshold effect for restraining the growth of pollutant crystals
  • Environment-friendly and arrests corrosion – Excellent biodegradability and notable corrosion inhibition without separate corrosion inhibitors, unlike scale removers or inhibitors whose main ingredient is inorganic acid

NIOPOL-MPC(scale preventer – polymer)

  • Prevents poorly water-soluble and insoluble scales– Highly effective for preventing formation of poorly water-soluble scales caused by almost all metal ions, such as Ca2+, Al2+,3+ and Si4+, and C2O42- and SO42-
  • High economic efficiency – Can prevent scales by injecting a lesser amount than existing products and improves productivity through decreasing consumption of chemicals with its high threshold effect for restraining growth of pollutant crystals
  • Excellent environment- and process-friendliness – An environment-friendly chemical with high stability using materials with good biodegradability

NIOPOL-SPD (pitch-dispersing agent)

  • Reduces drier pollution through preventing cohesion among sticky substances
  • Lengthens life of center rolls and doctors
  • Can reduce use of coagulants of wet ends
  • Increases productivity through reducing paper cutting • Can be used as a wire pollution preventer while using wire showers

NIOPOL-FA (pitch-fixing agent)

  • Displays a remarkable fixing ability for pollutants caused by organic pollutants, especially micro fine fiber and organic materials, generated within original paper and papermaking processes
  • Prevents coarsening of sticky and pitch-kind anionic pollutants, prevents tool pollution and improves productivity

NIOPOL-DBDB (disinfectant – quick-acting)

  • High germicidal effect for various strains (such as bacteria, molds and leaven)
  • Good performance in relation to cost due to low recommended concentration
  • Causes no environmental problems due to its high biodegradability
  • FDA-registered product

NIOPOL-CAM (disinfectant – online)

  • High germicidal effect for various strains (such as bacteria, molds and leaven)
  • Chemically stable in the high pH area, maintains excellent germicidal power
  • Low toxicity and can be handled easily
  • Good seepage force for biofilms • Reduces paper cutting and improves paper quality