Papermaking Chemicals


Functional Product

Papermaking Chemicals

Functional Products

Various products used for raising process efficiency in paper-making processes or improving product quality
> Main products – Antifoaming agents, deaerators, hydrogen peroxide stabilizers, reducing bleaching agents, deinking agents, drier coating agents/removers, among others

Category Product Name Specification
pH Gravity Viscosity cps
Anti-foaming agent NIOPOL-DF 7.0±1.0 1.00±0.1 500-3,000
Deaerator NIOPOL-DA 9.5±1.5 0.90±0.1 200-3,000
Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer NIOPOL-HPS 6.0±1.0 1.10±0.1 < 100
Reducing bleaching agent NIOPOL-CRH > 12.0 1.33±0.1 < 100
Reducing bleaching supplement NIOPOL-CRS 3.0±1.5 1.33±0.1 < 10
Deinking agent (solid) NIOPOL-DIA_S 7.5±1.0
Deinking agent (liquid) NIOPOL-DIA_L 6.5±1.0 0.98±0.1
Drier coating agent NIOPOL-YDC 8.5±1.0 1.05±0.1 < 100
Drier remover NIOPOL-DCA 6.0±1.0 0.85±0.1 < 100
Fluorescent dyes (for filling) NIOPOL-IO 10.0±1.0 1.13±0.1 < 100
Fluorescent dyes (for coating) NIOPOL-CO 8.0±1.0 1.5±1.5
Eco-friendly deodorant NIOPOL-DOA

NIOPOL-DF/NIOPOL-DA (antifoaming agent /deaerator)

  • NIOPOL-DFA silicon-based antifoaming agent with high antifoaming and defoaming effects
  • NIOPOL-DA A chemical for preventing pulp slurries taking place in paper-making or pulp processes, foam caused by dispersed bubbles, air trouble drainage, retention and inhibition, deposit formation caused by scum agglomeration, change in pump pulsation, and wrong degree of size, lowering quality of products (pinhole, smoothness, formation inferiority, spots and strength degradation)
  • Promotes dewatering and drainage • improves the retention rate • reduces use of size agents
  • Works as a defoamer, antiFoamer&deaerator
  • Improves quality (porosity, smoothness, formation, tearing resistance, breaking length, and so on)
  • Removes scums and deposits • Decreases power of pump screens

NIOPOL-HPS (hydrogen peroxide stabilizer)

  • Sequestration– Forms effective and stable complexes with metal ions
  • Deflocculation – A dispersing ability of solids reacting with metal ions existing in solutions
  • Scale inhibition – Prevents scale deposits within processes
  • Hydrolytic stability – Maintains solution stability at high temperature and rapid pH change

NIOPOL-CRH/NIOPOL-CRS (reducing bleaching agent/ reducing bleaching supplement)

  • NIOPOL-CRH/NIOPOL-CRS, a reducing bleaching agent, shows powerful bleaching effects through a mixture of proper rates. It activates reducing agents more in warm water and strengthens bleaching through increasing reactivity by other metal ion catalysts.
  • Very good for pulp bleaching
  • Displays bleaching effects in a stable manner and is not affected by metal ions within white water

NIOPOL-DIA_S (deinking agent (solid))

  •  Highly effective for collecting and removing ink.
  •  Remarkable workability due to its solid state
  •  Strengthens dispersing effects of surfactants through being injected into pulpers
  •  Expected effects – Improves work efficiency by cell level stability

– Improves efficiency through reducing the reject volume and increasing concentration

– Reduces use of hydrogen peroxide – Improves quality by reduced product ERIC

NIOPOL-DIA_L (deinking agent (liquid))

  • A special high-quality alcohol type with a remarkable ability to collect ink particles in airborne floatation equipment
  • Prevents reattachment of eliminated ink and minimizes textile loss with remarkable ability to adsorb ink particles in foam
  • Effectively removes foreign substances, such as ink particles and sticky matters, minimizes inflow into paper machines and causes no foam problems in paper-making processes

NIOPOL-YDC (drier coating agent)

  • A cationic polymer base with remarkable Yankee Drier coating effects for toilet paper
  • Can get better effects through applying after mixing with removers with a mineral oil base in the proper rate
  • Prevents pitch adhesion

NIOPOL-DCA (drier remover)

  • A mineral oil base with high Yankee Drier coating adjusting effects
  • Can get better effects through applying after mixing with drier coating agents in the proper rate

NIOPOL-IO (fluorescent dyes (for filling))

  • Filling fluorescent whitening agent for paper
  • Shows remarkable stability and high whitening effects for producing printing paper and coated paper

NIOPOL-CO (fluorescent dyes (for coating))

  • Fluorescent whitening agent for coating paper surface
  • Shows remarkable stability and high whitening effects for coating color containing latex for producing printing paper and coated paper

NIOPOL-DOA (eco-friendly deodorant)

  • Removes sulfur elements causing bad odors in process water
  • Powerful deodorizing effects for various ingredients that cause bad odors
  • Solves problem of bad odors in a short time and produces long lasting effects
  • Harmless for the human body and no effect on machines and facilities