Papermaking Chemicals


Process Cleaner

Papermaking Chemicals

Process Cleaner

Remarkable for removing various pollutants and scales generated in processes, not affecting tools and paper machines

Category Product Name Specification
pH Gravity Viscosity cps
Felt cleaner (acid) NIOPOL-FDA < 2.0 1.1±0.1 < 10
Felt cleaner (alkali) NIOPOL-FDB > 11.0 1.10±0.1 < 10
Scale remover (acid) NIOPOL-PCI < 2.0 1.10±0.1 < 10
Scale remover (alkali) NIOPOL-ACI > 12.0 1.20±0.1 < 50

NIOPOL-PCI (scale remover – acid)

  • Remarkably removes calcium salt scales and various poorly-water soluble scales
  • Little damage to metal surface of applied parts and immediate complete cleaning due to high reactions for substances affected by scales
  • Lower toxicity and higher work stability than cleaning by inorganic acids, such as hydrochloric acid

NIOPOL-ACI (scale remover)

  • Remarkably removes calcium salt and iron oxide scales, and various soluble scales (CaC2O4)
  • Stabilizes product profiles through removing scales of head boxes and approach lines
  • Decreases problems related to (paper cutting and pinhole) processes caused by pollution
  • Lower toxicity and higher work stability than cleaning by inorganic acids, such as hydrochloric acid

NIOPOL-FDA / NIOPOL-FDB (felt cleaner – acid/alkali)

  • NIOPOL-FDA – An acid detergent that possesses functions of organic acid and a deposit inhibitor with strong dispersion force
  • NIOPOL-FDB – A strong alkali detergent formed with wetting and chelating agents and multi-functional dispersant additives to improve processes, enhancing quality and reducing costs
  • Removes felt settlement and organic and inorganic pollutants in the case of using it as a pollution preventer

– Maintains felt ventilation through preventing plugging

– Improves productivity through maintaining stability of M/C speed

  • Removes organic and inorganic scales of head boxes, chests, nash pumps and process lines

– Low foaming and good wetting fitness

– Can be cleaned with water after using and has high product stability at low and high temperatures

NIOPOL-CA (carboxylic acid-based chelating agent)

  • NIOPOL-CA powerfully controls scaling of representative poorly-water soluble and insoluble salts, like Al2+, Al3+ and Si4+, melted in solutions. After poorly-water soluble and insoluble salts are produced, it is very difficult to remove them. Therefore, costs and time needed to remove them after they are produced can be reduced through preventing them before they are formed.
  • NIOPOL-CA is an environment-friendly product using materials with high biodegradability and is notably safe.